Our Clients

People like you. People who never dreamed they would need a lawyer.

Real victims suffering real injuries

We represent people who never expected to suffer a serious injury or tragic loss of a child, spouse or parent in a fatal accident. We use the civil justice system to recover the money our clients’ need to stitch their lives back together while they recover from injury and loss. Our clients are the reason we have a civil justice system — to hold the people and businesses who hurt people accountable for the damage they have done.

Good people when they need it the most

We represent people who never expected to find themselves in trouble with the law. People suddenly facing unfair or unfounded criminal charges and accusations.Some have made simple mistakes. Some suffer from addictions never properly treated — and some are simply innocent. Each case is different. But every case involves a person who finds themself in difficult circumstances and surrounded by a system and a society willing and ready to assume they are guilty and beyond redemption.We work to bring “Justice” into the criminal justice system by finding ways to help our clients redeem themselves and get their lives back on track.



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