Freedom is a Dangerous thing


shutterstock_33505315Today is the 237th Anniversary of our Independence from the oppression of the English Crown. We would do well to remember that the freedom our Founders fought for was not freedom from foreign aggression, but freedom to enjoy the simple and most basic rights of English citizens seized by a well intended but wrongheaded government under the claim of protecting the security of its people and its colonial borders.


On this Independence Day we need only to look to Egypt to be reminded that Freedom is never really taken by foreign armies. It is given over to domestic armies by a people too fearful to muster the courage to face the risks posed by a dangerous and uncertain future. And the future is always dangerous and risky.Keep this in mind the next time some foolish politician entices your vote with promises to make our community and country “safer” by being “tough on crime” and protecting you through expansion of the law-enforcement/prison industrial complex with more laws criminalizing more conduct and incarcerating more of our citizens.


Honor the values of Freedom that America was founded on at the ballot box. Don’t vote out of fear. Vote out of faith in the belief that all are created with equal rights and deserving of the opportunity for renewal and redemption that lead our forefathers to this land. Then our children will be able to enjoy the blessings of Freedom along with hotdogs, fireworks and watermelon on long lazy summer days like today.



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